I'm Ricardo Santana. 

I am a specialist in driving efficiency and continuous improvement and am based in Arizona, USA.

(Still working it!  Check my new content under Lean at Cafe Services :)

This is me.  Welcome to my page.

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Also, I have made a little memorial for my son.

Lean and Continuous Improvements in Facilities Operations

Tools and Spare Parts, Personal Protection, Workplace Organization, Invasive v. Non-Invasive Work, Locations, and Positions of People and Equipment... all add to an exceptional or a mediocre PM Execution.

First case study: Annual Chiller Maintenance

Lean Applied to Cafe Services

This is a good story on how we reduced customer waiting times by A LOT.

Lean at Cafe Services 

People-Based Systems

Processes that run fueled exclusively by management expectations are bound to fail.  Here is my story on how to create a pull system on the people side of the workplace.

Setting Standards 

I have developed a standard to create standards and a series of flows to assess the health of underlying, governing infrastructures.

Here is some other stuff I truly enjoy and feel passionate about...

Good bikes, Long Rides

Keepers of the Kog 

Archaeological Zones

Psychoanalytic Anthropology