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I do not collect your personal information as you visit my page, which is pretty cool for you.  I don't collect cookies and will not connect you with any email marketing.


I use this page to share some pretty astonishing accomplishments during my career as a continuous improvement professional.  As you read my stuff, you may take it as advice, but I am not offering any advice.  Every opportunity for improvement must be thoroughly observed to determine the best course of action for a good solution.  You may want to consult some other professional and ask them, but why would you do that if you are impressed by my stuff?  Go ahead and contact me!

In terms of liability, you cannot possibly think I am responsible if you choose to take my content and do something with it expecting some magical improvements, more so if you do not have the experience to make controlled, real changes in a real work environment.

Terms and Conditions

Some of the stuff I share on my page are my creation, and I have taken meticulous care to cite authors whenever I refer to their work.  You are welcome to navigate my page and read my blogs, and as a professional, I will appreciate it if you cite me whenever you take from my work to improve your own.